Autism is an increasingly important issue in our society but unfortunately it is still little understood. We combined our expertise in the built environment with our interest in raising awareness of autism in a short research project which led to the publishing of:

‘Aldo goes to Primary school: Experiencing primary school through the lens of the autistic spectrum’.

This book illustrates some of the ways in which the built environment is relevant to the everyday experience of the primary school pupil with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

We hope that Aldo goes to Primary school will go some way towards raising awareness of autism generally and may be useful in stimulating practical responses to some of the challenges people with autism face in the built environment. For this reason we are distributing it free of charge to interested parties. Numbers are however limited and we would like to make sure that the people we send it to are those who will benefit most from the content. Alternatively you can download a PDF copy of the book here.

Please follow the link below:

Download/View Aldo Goes to Primary School (PDF)